Over the past few years I have developed a mixed media practice that deals with a fascination with material processes, humour and the body. My process generally begins with drawing as a means of generating ideas and accumulating images. Subsequently these are scanned and manipulated in the computer where they transform into abstract landscapes. In paralllel I construct individual objects made of anything from cheap consumer goods to hand make meditational articles. More recently I have begun to assemble all these objects into floating compositions on the computer generated images which I have blown up into large scale backgrouds. The backgrounds and objects are then unified through additions of painting and drawing. So my process has lead to what I would call mixed media paintings. What interests me in this is the potential to probe the limits of painting through the incorporation of digital media, objects and processes marginal to conventional painting practice.


Inks on paper


Materials guide me. The water, paper, pigments. Time. The technique is simply discrete : large egg-shaped figures soaked in water on hand-made paper. The water is tinted with pigments, or pure, colourless. Time slips away, the water evaporates. A brush is dipped in ink of another colour then touches softly the canvas surface that is still wet. The ink spreads, the paper absorbs; unpredictable puddles take shape. The puddles gradually dry, defined stains of colours settle on the surface- the small ones within the larger ones. Time, again, moults while waiting. The wait, the contemplation, the meditation anticipate the next gesture, the next stain, the next colour. The whole is not, can not be, premeditated. Each movement brings about the next one. One must simply be present. The image slowly emerges, while the passing of time welcomes it.